Insurance Professionals of Los Angeles

The Insurance Women of Los Angles (IWLA) was initially formed in 1928 as The Insurance Girls Service Club of Southern California with the purpose of securing jobs for personnel in the Insurance industry. In 1941, IWLA was one of the initial 19 associations to become part of the National Association of Insurance Women, International ( NAIW.)

The NAIW became the International Association of Insurance Professionls (IAIP) in 2011. Following suit, the IWLA changed its name to Insurance Professionals of Los Angeles (IPLA).

Being part of the IAIP enhances IPLA's purpose to provide professional education, an environment in which to build and enhance business alliances and an opportunity to make contact with people of varying experiences within the Insurance industry.

The IPLA is an association that includes people from a variety of related industries and professions: the insurance industry, retail and wholesale, legal profession, management amongst others. All members are committed to education, professional and personal development, and furthering the goals of their industry/profession. Membership is open to all who strive for and practice professionalism.

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IPLA Meetings

Meeting Schedule of The Insurance Professionals of Los Angeles

IPLA meets quarterly - Mar, June, September and December - they also have ad hoc meetings for community action events. Their meeting locations vary.

For information please email the Membership Chair, Christine Chandler or the President, Kari Woods.

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